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              Food machinery equipments
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              Fruit and vegetable juice production line
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              Tea beverage production line
              Bone extraction line
              Fruit juice production line
              Environmental protection machinery and equipment
              Pure water processing
              water treatment equipments1
              water treatment equipments2
              Municipal wastewater treatment
              Fluid treatment spare parts and materials
              Stand-alone device and integrated equipment
              Single tank
              Mixing tank
              Jacketed tank
              Tank insulation
              Large storage tanks
              CIP system
              CIP system
              Sterilization system
              Sterilization system
              Beverages Dairy Engineering
              Beverages Dairy Engineering
              Pharmaceutical Equipment 1
              Pharmaceutical Equipment 2
              Chemical Equipment
              D enrichment series1
              D enrichment series2
              D enrichment series3
              Drying equipment
              H the sterilization tunnel
              H the sterilization tunnel
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              Engineering Case

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              Special fluid treatment

              Decolorization and desalination of sugar solution

              Refined sugar is processed from ordinary white granulated sugar, with low color value, no residual sulfur, more uniform grain, dry and loose, white and shiny, compared to traditional vulcanized sugar refined sugar,  is more suitable for high-grade drinks and high-quality life, food, medicine and other areas.

              ●Through the ion exchange resin tower to achieve decolorization and desalination, reduce the color value and improve the purity.

              ●Hire Japanese experts who have more than 30 years of sugar plant equipment and operation and maintenance experience to design. Actual performance projects are throughout Japan, Thailand, South America and other countries.

              ●Automatic control engineers have refined sugar electrical and automatic control experience, and familiar with the mainstream control system.
              Installation and commissioning operations: experience in refined sugar electrical and automatic control, and familiar with other fluid handling equipment.

              Desalinate collagen and gelatin
              During the production of gelatin and collagen peptide, the bitter taste and some color value components are removed by the desalination of ion exchange resin.
              ● Monitor the PH value and conductivity . After reaching the set value, the gelatin is transported to the next production process.
              ● Remove cation and anion by cationic resin and anion resin, After a batch of production is completed, through acid base to achieve resin regeneration.
              ● Gelatin is easy to gel at temperatures below 25 degrees, so hot water is needed to flush the pipes after production.

              Wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse

              Wastewater treatment uses physical, chemical and biological methods of wastewater treatment to achieve wastewater purification, reduce pollution, and achieve wastewater recovery and reuse to make full use of water resources. Through chemical reaction and physical action to separate, remove the dissolved, colloidal state of pollutants in the wastewater or transform it into harmless waste water treatment. The treatment process is usually determined according to the nature and discharge requirements of wastewater by means of flocculation precipitation, neutralization, REDOX, extraction, stripping, stripping, adsorption, ion exchange, electrodialysis, membrane method, biological treatment, sterilization and other methods.

              ●Food and drug industry wastewater treatment
              ●Waste water treatment in electronics industry
              ●Wastewater treatment in electroplating industry
              ●Chemical industry wastewater treatment
              ● Special requirements of wastewater treatment, according to the customer's environmental requirements and water quality characteristics of the design of personalized system

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