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                Product Name: water treatment equipments1  

              Ultrapure water treatment

              Ultrapure water refers to water that Almost completely remove the conductive medium. The water dissociation colloid material, gas and organic matter content are extremely low, and the resistivity is near 18.3 MΩ/cm limit (25 ℃) . UPW is used for CMP, wafer polishing, rinsing, cutting and back grinding.

              Treatment process: pretreatment+ reverse osmosis+ degassing membrane+ ion exchange unit+ EDI+ UF+ ultraviolet lamp+ TOC removal device+ polishing resin and other devices combination process.

              Container type pure water equipment
              ●Easily portable container RO system meets the needs of mobile water, industrial, power generation and municipal markets.
              ● Container system with flow of 100-3,000 m3/D, is easy to transport, install and operate.
              ● By integrated design, the pretreatment (MMF+ACF) or UF system and RO system and dosing system are centralized.

              Pure water equipment for pharmaceutical use
              ●Adapt to Chinese GMP, American CGMP, European GMP
              ●Provide IQ,DQ,OQ, and PQ files to respond to review.
              ●Control system: according to the requirements of PLC+ touch screen control + recorder
              ● Capacity: according to customer demand design
              ● It can provide data record analysis and cloud storage.

              Seawater desalination plant
              ● Mainstream seawater desalination technologies reverse osmosis, multistage flash evaporation and low temperature multi-effect.
              Reverse osmosis is the seawater desalination method with the lowest cost.
              ●System index  desalination rate ≥95%, recovery ≥40%
              ●Main application industries:
              1. Make drinking water for ships
              2. Desalination of domestic water by brackish water;
              3. Island resort or temporary construction of domestic water
              4. Domestic water production in coastal cities short of water


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