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                Product Name: Bone extraction line  
              After years of research and practice, we have comprehensively improved the processing technology and equipment of the traditional livestock and poultry bone extraction line. The advantages of the new production line are mainly shown in the following aspects:
              The full use of bone materials
              In addition to the protein fat full use of bone (pig, cow) or skeleton (chicken, duck), the bone residue is not simply treated as animal feed additives, but processed into food grade calcium powder or drug grade calcium powder. As human food calcium additives, the added value is greatly increased. For chicken and duck skeletons, soluble protein and fat were extracted by heating, but insoluble protein and bone residue were treated as animal feed. Now all can be processed into chicken powder, for chicken essence raw materials.
              The production line has high production efficiency, high product yield, low energy consumption, easy operation and high cost performance.
              According to the characteristics of bone materials and product process requirements, we have improved the traditional device. First of all, the material transfer between the original production line equipment is not smooth, these shortcomings were improved.  The on-line cleaning system CIP is added, so that the equipment and pipeline are cleaned according to the requirements of health and safety, which provides guarantee for the production line to meet the requirements of GMP.  Second,the key equipment is improved. For example, in the high-pressure cooking extraction tank, the large open cover structure of the hanging cage is changed to one with continuous feed through the manhole of conveying aggregate, the slag is removed from the lower cover, and the output is connected by screw conveying, and the temperature, pressure, time, amount of solution, amount of raw material and working procedure are controlled in the whole cooking process. The oil separation problem is solved by new design. Third, In addition to considering the efficiency and energy saving of the single machine equipment, the water of the production line (steam condensed water, soup condensed water, cooling water) is recycled, the energy saving effect is obvious, the total energy consumption is reduced by about 30%.


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