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                Product Name: Drying equipment  
              Plate type evaporator

              The size of the plate evaporator biggest advantage is smaller, takes up less space. Second, with the tubular falling film evaporator is also under the negative pressure evaporation. Therefore, belongs to the low temperature evaporation. Its main forms are rising membrane type, lift the membrane type and the falling film type 3 kinds. In fruit juice drinks, food, corn processing, medicine and other fields are used. As for the apple juice, sorbitol, bone soup, such as collagen production.

              Centrifugal spray drying tower and the vertical pressure spray drying tower

              Because the method of spray drying and other than has the low temperature, speed, drying drying product has good dispersibility and solubility, drying was conducted in an airtight container, may at any time change the operation adjustment index of the product. Such as, particle size, relative density and water content is suitable for continuous mass production. Therefore, widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, corn processing, especially in the dairy industry production.

              Three-way falling film evaporator

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