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                Shanghai Jianyue Machinery Co., LTD is engaged in all kinds of production line design, equipment stem,manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance. Especially dairy products, beverages, ice cream, chocolate, water treatment (pure water treatment, wastewater treatment, purified water treatment, reclaimed water reuse), Special fluid (gelatin, sugar solution, liquor, plant pigment extraction), powder food, biological engineering , chemical , pharmaceutical production lines. We have specialized technical design engineering, advanced,processing equipment , efficient construction, after-sales team. We have cooperated with Japanese and American research institutions, and have absorbed advanced design and manufacturing technology, and We have combined with their own advantages in production  design optimization, manufacturing a series of high-quality stainless steel equipment.
              Our company is positioned in the middle and high-end sanitary grade stainless steel products. Our company has a series of products: stainless steel tank complete s, pipe accessories and customized products, etc., the products are widely used in beverage, beer, pharmaceutical, dairy products, biological engineering, chemical and other manufacturing industries.
              Our company is committed to customer first, quality first

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              Yunqiao Road, Huaqiao Town, kunshan District, Jiansu
              Green Road, Baihe Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
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